Dr James White Shows how Amateurish and Sophomoric Dr Leighton Flowers is when explaining Soteriology when using playdough or stickmen.

Dr White was at the top of his game yesterday as he systematically tore down Dr Leighton Castle of playdough and stickmen,  Leighton the sticker on your homepage on facebook about getting the old man to lay down and play dead because the Calvinist will not know the difference shows me that you definitely do not understand that illustration and you never were a real calvinist of any sorts.  When the Calvinist say the wicked sinner is dead like Lazarus they are saying their is no spiritual life but spiritual death in Him and all he can do is that which is what spiritually dead sinners do and that is spiritually dead sinful things.  So when God called Lazarus from the tomb he was no longer dead and when he effectually calls the wicked sinner from his spiritual tomb he is regenerated and their is life, conviction of sin, repentance humility, faith toward God in Christ,  He is now Spiritually alive and will do things that are pleasing to God through Christ and the power of the Holy Spirit and the Word of God.

I know you really like debating Dr. White, but as you can see what he did with you illustration that you were so confident with yesterday, Dr. White is a different Breed and you  not want him exposing you and your false teachings for what they are.  Dr/ Allen spent 6 or 8 years writing that book on the extent of the Atonement and James white Cast a huge shadow of doubt on his credentials yesterday.

I know you will not be able to restrain yourself, you will strike back at Dr. White.  I only ask that you seriously watch and listen to what he said about you and Dr allen at least 5 times and pray that your heart will be opened to the truth Dr. Flowers.

God bless in the love of Christ



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